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So the quarter ended... it hasn't been all that bad, but it sure flew by.

So yesterday we had an Upper Room meeting, and one thing that Rob said really stuck in my mind. We were discussing a verse in Psalms and how God promises us a future in terms of our college decisions. Then Rob says - it's kinda like college. You already know you're accepted into it, so you shouldn't have to stress out about everything.

In a way.. it's so true. You hear about things like Senioritis and about how kids do nothing... and it shouldn't be like that. Then you'll have people who are still stressing out like their grades determine whether or not they get into college.. when they've already been accepted into their dream school.
Hmm. Yeah.. i think lately, my thoughts have been all over the place. And little kids are ringing the doorbell for candy... so i shall head off.



a simple song of praise

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Sometimes, when it's late at night... my mind takes me to the past. To a place where I remember so vividly that sometimes I confuse that world with reality.

It's a nice place. I remember smiling... laughing, even snorting once in a while if ettiquette permitting. I remember... the conversations. Sometimes they'd be so silly.... haha, I can even hear your voice in my head. Sometimes.. they'd hurt. Sometimes they'd hurt so much I couldn't stand it. But it was okay... because in this place, things always worked out.

Somehow.. somewhere... that place disappeared. It turned into a clutter of arguements and harsh words. I guess that's just how it is in high school. Things change. People change.

But when the night gets so dark... I'll start to wonder.
I'll wonder how things would've been differently.
Would we still be in that place?
... and then I'd wonder where you are with God now. In that place, I could tell what you were thinking without even asking....

You once told me it'd take you a year to fix this. You probably don't remember that... but I also have to wonder.

It's almost been a year. Are you still in that place?



Thank you

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Think about the love inside the strength of heart
Think about the heroes saving life in the dark
Think about the chance I never had to say...

Thank You for giving up your life that day.


What a week at school... and off to start another week. But in the midst of it all...

Thank you.

A great heaping thank you to my friends who made sure I was alive and healthy throughout the week... Thank you for keeping me perky and energetic even if it was midnight and I was about to doze away. Thank you for those big-o bear hugs, the times we just talked together in the yearbook office during lunch, for the craziness... for the prayers.

Thanks for them older ones - who have gone through all this crazy high school stuff but are still there to get us younger ones through it. Thanks for the late-night phone calls, for the encouraging emails....

Thanks to my mommy!! Who would feed me at late hours in the night - and all those yummy apples and pears and grapes =)

Thanks to my dearest buddy Maxie. For not biting me anymore.. except for when I'm eating apples and you decide to bite me -_- Thanks for still being alive... and um, for grooming yourself so I don't have to clip your toes, hehe.

But most of all... thanks to the Lord for getting me through this week. Cause through it all, I can't say i'm doing badly... YOU have always been here, guiding me, reminding me, carrying me through those long nights and long days.... Thank you for giving me something to look forward to while I'm stuck at home writing papers and doing applications. Thank you for the hope... the grace... the love =)



Where did this come from?

Gah.... this weekend's going to be so busy. This entire week has been terribly busy... it feels like there's always something to do or get accomplished. So many responsibilities.... okay. So I must:

- Finish UIUC Personal/Prof Statement in order to get it sent in by Tuesday
- Study for SAT II Writing
- Completely rewrite Senior Thesis since I wasn't conscious last night
- Visit PADS Sat. Night
- Sort/Figure out Senior Quotes

Anyway... there are more, but I think something just hit me. Mr. Hill showed us our AP Calc grades today - and I'm getting a 89.41. I know, a B+ isn't bad... but this is honestly the first time I've gotten less than an A in any math class since 7th grade. And so he tells me... "AP Calc can be very humbling."

Senior Year... has been very humbling indeed. I can't do all of this by myself....Lord... do YOUR will in my life. I know I can't do this by myself....

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