goes on

maybe it was the streets. or maybe the playlist. or maybe the driving. or maybe,...

who knows. but all those times, all those hours i spent driving home from naperville late at night, the same playlist, same songs spinning in michelangelo.. it provides some sort of thinking asylum that i can't even begin to explain. or tell how or why i miss it. but i do..

this place is full of emptiness. it's full of loneliness. it's full of misguided purpose and busyness and money, oh lots of money... and for some reasons, those slightly sped-on roads on the way from the heart of naperville, lw, or your house back to mine were more real than this city will ever be.



the streets in heaven

so i've made it -- three days and counting into a world filled with six lane highways, albertsons and ralphs, and palm trees at every intersection. and (something i might be even more proud of) no accidents! after hearing all the hooplah about how LA drivers are crazy, i was slightly apprehensive about driving around. however, after three days, getting lost... 5? 6? times, i've made it out alive..

one thing you start to notice though, is the nature of the streets and drivers. socal drivers aren't necessarily mean -- they just have a destination and know they want to get there. there's very little sense of personal space and a multitude of lanes and exits to get you there.

... so this all got me thinking as i drove home (getting lost twice) from small group last night -- what will the streets be like in heaven? it can't be like it is in socal. it can't even be like what it is on the east coast; filled with ups and downs and hills and valleys. no, those we battled with on earth. the streets in heaven... they'll be like those in the midwest -- where drivers slow down to let you cut into their lanes, where every car has a space and a place to park (without paying money), where there's (almost) no rush to get anywhere because we... are there.

..... i can't wait to drive in heaven :D

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