if home is where the heart is, then i'm out of place...

... feeling homesick
but not for chicago

for a home with You...
where there aren't any Fatherless. there arent any who hunger, who thirst, who cry out.. for their cries will be answered.

=/ sigh.




Koo Chung - Here to Stay

forgive forgive forgive


i feel oh so terribly young.




Passion05 - Majesty (from the How Great is Our God cd)

i don't want to live half-heartedly for You anymore.
i don't want to give You 90% of my life and leave it at that.
i don't want You to be just "up there." You deserve first, priority.

out of darkness, out of shame...

your message this past sunday brought me to tears while praying for the girl in front of me.. someone i don't even know the name of. but i was so excited for her to experience you fully as she stood up to rededicate her life to You. this is how big God is.

i'm really excited about this coming year, but already i can feel the tugging on my heart to love people i don't want to love. i'm almost guilty because i don't miss home as much as i feel like i should. maybe it's cause i've always been able to pack up and shift where earthly home is. home is where the heart is .. and once again, my heart's with You.

the schoolwork's starting to pile up... i'm really thinking and praying about pursuing engineering physics, but i'm not sure if i can handle the workload. i'm already up to wee hours of the morning playing poker -- i mean, doing homework :) but.. this time i'm listening to what You have to say.

empty handed
alive in Your hands

sigh. Your love amazes me.

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