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So the quarter ended... it hasn't been all that bad, but it sure flew by.

So yesterday we had an Upper Room meeting, and one thing that Rob said really stuck in my mind. We were discussing a verse in Psalms and how God promises us a future in terms of our college decisions. Then Rob says - it's kinda like college. You already know you're accepted into it, so you shouldn't have to stress out about everything.

In a way.. it's so true. You hear about things like Senioritis and about how kids do nothing... and it shouldn't be like that. Then you'll have people who are still stressing out like their grades determine whether or not they get into college.. when they've already been accepted into their dream school.
Hmm. Yeah.. i think lately, my thoughts have been all over the place. And little kids are ringing the doorbell for candy... so i shall head off.

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