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Sometimes, when it's late at night... my mind takes me to the past. To a place where I remember so vividly that sometimes I confuse that world with reality.

It's a nice place. I remember smiling... laughing, even snorting once in a while if ettiquette permitting. I remember... the conversations. Sometimes they'd be so silly.... haha, I can even hear your voice in my head. Sometimes.. they'd hurt. Sometimes they'd hurt so much I couldn't stand it. But it was okay... because in this place, things always worked out.

Somehow.. somewhere... that place disappeared. It turned into a clutter of arguements and harsh words. I guess that's just how it is in high school. Things change. People change.

But when the night gets so dark... I'll start to wonder.
I'll wonder how things would've been differently.
Would we still be in that place?
... and then I'd wonder where you are with God now. In that place, I could tell what you were thinking without even asking....

You once told me it'd take you a year to fix this. You probably don't remember that... but I also have to wonder.

It's almost been a year. Are you still in that place?

add a thought?
i am so confused =P
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