Where did this come from?

Gah.... this weekend's going to be so busy. This entire week has been terribly busy... it feels like there's always something to do or get accomplished. So many responsibilities.... okay. So I must:

- Finish UIUC Personal/Prof Statement in order to get it sent in by Tuesday
- Study for SAT II Writing
- Completely rewrite Senior Thesis since I wasn't conscious last night
- Visit PADS Sat. Night
- Sort/Figure out Senior Quotes

Anyway... there are more, but I think something just hit me. Mr. Hill showed us our AP Calc grades today - and I'm getting a 89.41. I know, a B+ isn't bad... but this is honestly the first time I've gotten less than an A in any math class since 7th grade. And so he tells me... "AP Calc can be very humbling."

Senior Year... has been very humbling indeed. I can't do all of this by myself....Lord... do YOUR will in my life. I know I can't do this by myself....

add a thought?
tuesday?? why so hasty???

and dun stress over AP Calc like that. It's obviously harder than all the other maths as it's totally jumping onto a new level (that's fun and interesting to ^_~... or maybe just to me cuz i'm a nerd like that :P)

but yea... God's always there to get you through. Humbling is good. And so is dependence on God... always. even in "good" times ^_~

plus.. i'll be heeeeere for youuuuuuuu *muah*
gaaay AP calc was hard..
but the exam wasn't that bad =P
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