kepano green . book with no words

the last time i listened to this song like this? brought back good memories. i actually remember this weekend :)

i had a dream last night that i was getting really frustrated at certain people, certain things they were doing. and i guess it was apparent, because my small group leader asked me if i was okay, and when i said yes -- like i always do -- he picked me up, and took me outside.

he asked me what was really bothering me, and i told him that sometimes i hate talking about my own problems because of my own pride -- appearing "weak," or not knowing what to do, or .. i guess that state of vulnerability.

"wendy.. sometimes you just have to be with people... and just be. and let that be enough. "

so i started telling him what was bothering me... the things other people were doing, and someone else playing soccer came over. and jokingly, he said, "are we complaining to the whole world about our problems?"

and i got really sensitive and said no.. then he asked me who i told. and i just said my sg leader, and two girls keeping me accountable. and he smiled, and said thats exactly what he would've done...

then i woke up.

i think, sometimes i have a really hard time just being with people.

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