Jack Johnson - Better Together

i loved the music video. not for this song, but for Taylor... where Ben Stiller was 'directing' the video, on the sandy shores of an unnamed beach (found here).

i'm taking ap physics in about five hours... yet i'm not worried still.

i can hear Your rain

was looking through old photographs from times when shendy was small and not so shady... (alliteration?) and realized how longitudinal people, things have an impact.

Our dreams, and they are made out of real things
like a, shoebox of photographs
with sepiatone loving

and it's not really the big, life-changing moments. it's the soothing comfort of knowing that you've known people for more than half of your life. that when you were 6, you proudly rode your bike with your cousin (who's probably now designing new, superelectric bikes at MIT o_O) after all the kids on your block helped you learn how to ride without training wheels.... but you still ended up falling down and skinning your knee.

or weekends where the near-perfect combination of starbucks coffee is shared with friends, not sitting by itself, hot, undrinken.

or moments of indecision standing before an array of raisins, craisins (crazy raisins!) and other sunburnt fruits.

or taking a time-out from life and sitting on a back of a slightly dusty car, watching, waiting in expectancy, as the songs changed from KG to singing of Your wonders and watching slowly as the stars and His glory are slowly revealed....

though it could take some time, 'til i let you go, 'til i lose this feeling
like a book with no words on the pages, i'm all out of language, i've nothing to say
and i wonder where you are..
tonight if i saw you again
i would look in the deepest part of your blue eyes
and if only i could find..

or maybe it's the final realization that these frayed puzzle pieces still somehow fit together... that i used to take piano with so many people that now are joined by a Love greater than one for the ivories.

and half a tank of gas, one bacci's pizza, one trip to petco, about 120937 barnes and nobles visits, 127 pages in the physics princeton review, a swirl around naperville riverwalk, 15 missed calls during a weekend inbetween the "deciders" of a future.... it ended with a frightfully real and exciting dream about cornell last night. and i'm finally feeling more excited than i've ever been to see the future unfold =)

it's always better when we're together.. we'll look at the stars together.


edit: what a weird dream....

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