i've come to learn that anything i try to do out of my own willpower is meaningless.

serve, love, rebuke, criticize.

and the most i can do now is pray. pray that the same thing that happened to me won't happen to you. pray that somewhere beneath the messiness of what i know you can be.. in fact, what we all are, is the Spirit of God moving so strongly that we can't help but follow Him.

bitterness will not have a reign on me.

sigh.. i hope this doesn't turn into apathy ><

add a thought?
thanks for the talk tonight..
..it was just so refreshing to share what was going on in my mind. thanks for listening and for saying all the things you did. i miss you guys for that.

and the post before this one.. the one down there [[points]] -- thank you for that too.

stay strong wendy.
cant wait for you to get back
we -- i -- miss you
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