Delirious - History Maker

... but on michelangelo... because you're not supposed to have loud music playing in libraries -- especially in totally awesome ones like the Uris library at Cornell!!

there's this White Room here... and it's absolutely breathtaking. i could spend hours in there, reading, journaling with michelangelo.... wow. wow. the campus here is so nice. there's coffee everywhere, the library tour (yes, the first tour i went on was the library tour :P im such a dork..) was so mexcellent, and i've yet to try the food... but the cafeterias are so spiffy! it's such a glorious day outside, and i wish i could post pictures, but i dont have any cords with me.... such a big, open blue sky :)

ithaca is gorges :D

add a thought?
=) i knew you'd love it. that library rocks. hmm... now i want coffee.
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