"If you are committed to your religion, I do not suggest taking this course."

Another late morning. Another late night where insomnia takes over -- times of prayer seem to get longer and longer into the late night hours as my wall of post-its grows. Lately I've been really burdened to pray very specific and intentional prayers -- specific people, specific requests, specific circumstances.

"This course is to teach you how to think. Education isn't bliss, ignorance is. The government wants you ignorant. The school systems want you ignorant. The state wants you ignorant. But most of all... religion wants you ignorant."

Last night, ended up intending to read Hebrews 1 and 2. Ended up reading 1 Timothy and didn't notice the difference until halfway through the first chapter. Felt stupid and slightly confused, frustrated that my mind was that spent from reading about the 123907 pages of circuits lecture notes assigned.

"We are here to be analytical. Take a look at Deut. 27. God is second-hand. He is being used as a play on the people of Israel's conscience so they will not commit sins in secret. There is no punishment because it is left up to 'God.'"

Up in the morning for 8:40 classes. Into the shower, out. Dry hair, toast bagel, brush teeth... (in a different order, I think.) Stuff binders and lab books into backpack, grab ipod and jewelry and shove into pocket.

"What is this God anyway? Why is there a human need for some sort of deity? Why is there even mention of him in the Bible -- a book, I must say, that we know absolutely nothing about."

Ran off to class. Lost coin, lost sheep, lost son,.... lost mitten.

"Any mention of God in the New Testament is a fabrication of the human mind."

Up the GS stairs, five minutes late to class, a 25+ class stares as I try to slip unnoticed through the door.

"God does not exist."

Sit down. Sip coffee. Slowly reach into pocket and take cross necklace out.
I'm good for today.

You are my GOD... early in the morning,
I will rise to meet You.. rise to meet You.

even in our classrooms, You invite us to come meet with You. what an interesting outcome of events and discussions this day has been.

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