Since I've moved back in my dorm, I keep having these incredibly vivid dreams of us having these magnificant fights. I remember locations and exactly what's said and the people who are involved.

They usually involve us crossing paths.
Then you give a bitter or sarcastic remark then walk away,
then I finally stop and ask you what your problem is.... (which I'd never do in real life).
Instead of bottling it up, you blow up and tell me you're mad/angry/jealous/bitter/unsettled at what I'm doing and not doing... (which you'd never do in real life).
I yell back that you're being unreasonable... (even though I know you're probably right), and to look at your own life and the problems you still struggle with.
And you try to defend yourself, .. (knowing that I'm probably right)
Then it ends. With both of us being frustrated and walking away from one another.

... and last night's ended with a flair -- you gave a rather loud "Shut Up!" and walked away after I accused you of something.


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