a king for a kingdom

my first allegiance is not to a flag, a country, or a man my first allegiance is not to democracy or blood it's to a king & a kingdom
// derek.webb

This semester's small group --

There are those days when you can almost see the tension between fallen and kingdom come. This week has been a montage of those days -- stuck between the disparity of this world and the divinity of His love. I think when it comes down to it, I just wanna see Jesus and know that He who has seen and felt what it feels like to be in the very presence of God,... would choose to come to a world of filth. I want to see a Jesus who loves us that much... I hope that's enough.


Yesterday, caught up with an friend who is set in her anti-God, anti-love, and anti-hope beliefs. And as we sat in the little cafe in the hotel on campus, we started talking about those things -- God, the existence of hope and truth in a world filled with logic and apathy. She asked me more how I am in theoretical physics and a Christian. Then, .. she asked me about the Comparative Lit. class I was in (the one with the crazed atheist professor). She asked if I thought my professor was wrong, and why I was staying. I confessed that I was scared out of my mind, but wanted to stay and hear what he had to teach and say. I started telling her about what I thought to be the sovereignty of God, that He exists even in the classroom at a university such as this. Then, she asked me this:

"W, how many people in your fellowship do you think would make the same decision you are?"

"... what decision? to stay in the class?"

"Yeah. Or even, how many Christians would? Not just stay in the class... but to put yourself in a place where your faith is challenged."

"Oh. Um... I don't know.. "

"'Cause you know... Christians like that? They expect us to listen to them. But they don't listen to us; they don't even know their own faiths. I've asked people questions before, and the answers are cop-out answers. Either, "Oh I'm new to the faith still," or a change of subject. So.. thanks for staying and listening."

.. it's funny how all the affirmation I needed was from this conversation.

because love is not against the law...

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