"At the end of the day... will you feel better that you got your checklist of things to do all completed? Or.. that you invested in someone just a little more.. or deepened that relationship a little more?" -- a conversation while laying on the floor, staring at the ceiling, listening to sixpence none the richer.

At the beginning of last semester, at one of the large groups where we discussed our vision statement, I shared with my small group how I wanted to commit to getting to know the people on my floor and in my classes better. Unfortunately, that did not happen until now, haha... but I'm really thankful for the opportunity to do so now.

I've been meeting tons of people from my floor, (we have like, 6 new transfers) and people I just never talked to before... getting to know the people on satellite better... it's good. Something I'm realizing is that... a lot of people are just looking for people to listen to them. To hear what they have to say and what they're thinking and unsure about, and not, "Hey I'd love to chat but I have a pset due.." or, "Hey how are you? Good? Well my day sucked.." Intentional, intentional.

But yar. My past week has been mostly meeting/hanging out with hallmates, project team, running errands, and going through le book of Mark for sg. I am so in awe of how intentional Jesus is... it really encourages me to be more so with the people around me. Even in the calling of the disciples in Mark 1 and 2, He goes to the Sea of Galilee (think huge naval port) or the tax collector's booth (think tollways on 294) or directly to people's houses, while the Pharisees just sit on their behinds in the Synagogue waiting for people to come to them. Jesus rocks. I wanna be more like that :D

Haha so tonight... I can either,

1. Go to this bar in collegetown with my satellite buddies to say goodbye to this one guy who's moving in Cali for some high-paying job in space. Read: beer, burgers, and 60+ college kids in one bar.
2. Go to dinner with the people who are back from my hall and some fellowship kids. Read: lounging and crashing at a friend's apt from wings overload.


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