cover the earth

Listening to: Cover the Earth, by Urbana06 Praise Team

Let the sound prepare the way...

Through this Christmas season, the words prepare the way keep ringing through my head. How John the Baptist would preach about preparing the way for the one to come, the Messiah, the redeemer. Not just on earth, but in our lives, our hearts, our minds, preparing the way for the one who is to come.

And now, after another (incredibly) challenging camp... I want that. I want to want to to badly it hurts, it aches when I'm still.

It means not judging. Bearing with the unbearable, those falling into sin over and over... and over again. Fighting for people through prayer and not these idles words I can muster. If we yell and rebuke without the power of God behind it, it is still possible to change people's minds... but only through guilt. I don't want to guilt people anymore. I want to see change and revolution. and I know my God is powerful enough.

A brother mentioned my six favorite words at this camp -- What would it look like if...

Let's keep dreaming and fight to cover the earth with the glory of our coming King :)

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