me? uhh she did it.

// a note to the XY's of our generation --

my good friend e. wrote something on xanga the other day that really resonated with me, and got me thinking about the roles of guys and girls in not only my own life, but in general. in short, earlier today, one of my oh so mature hallmates came into our room after the linear algebra final exam (which i might've just failed..) and shot a nerfgun at my head. so in turn, i took the gun and locked our door, causing him to make a ruckus in the hallway trying to get in. later, when the head RA comes in, he just gawks in the hallway and says nothing as i'm caught off guard fending questions as to why we were so loud during finals week.

i really do wonder if this is how God created xx/xy relations to be. sometimes i can't help but feeling tired of having to take the responsibility when sometimes all i want is for the guy to perhaps step it up and take the fall sometimes. it's an odd reversal of the roles that were suited for our original creation. maybe that's why those sappy movies appeal to so many girls where the guy is all valient and fights for the girl's honor and punches injustice in the face.

so xys. please step up? :/


anyway. the other day before primal prayz, i was invited to attend a coah (campus on a hill, an organization to unite all the fellowships on campus) meeting to plan for a campus-wide conference next semester about the sovereignty of God and the concept of His glory. it was literally so mindblowing -- sitting at a roundtable with 12 other leaders from the exec teams of the five major fellowships on this campus (and the pastor of the korean church.. it was like a united nations mtg haha) to try and cut out this half-baked sort of gospel that's been circulating on these grounds. in the 2+ hours we tried to map out the conference, we ended up going back to the idea of leaders repenting first -- of how the prophets would not only repent for their own sins, but those of the nation.

one of the passages we looked at was jer 2:13.

i wonder what it'd look like if we saw sin the way God sees it in the verses before that.

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