there's a light on, in chicago

over winter break, i will actually be home (aka, suburbia chicawgo) for a total of four days. i'm not coming home for thanksgiving. i'm not coming back for spring break. and, if i get the internship(s?) i want next summer, i won't be home summertime either.

that's depressing.
... (no, not really, i might prefer it that way haha.. hah.. eh)

anyway, up for 6:30 course enroll tomorrow morning o_O i've pretty much planned my schedule (plus M&AE 490, and various meetings/sgs) out, but hey... we all know how often our own plans seem to determine the future =P

last friday at large group, d.s. came to speak about accountabity and community. how we've been failing one another as community. how when we talk about accountability, you're asking someone to make you the person they're accountable to, and that's just not true. there's listening, extension of prayer and grace... but people aren't accountable to us. we neither can condemn not judge them.

it really spoke into my heart about the type of intentional community that's been lacking in my life :/ the speaker also talked about necessity of true community -- how we so often use words like transparency -- but honestly, who wants that? "when we have transparency, we'll have an open community..." -- who wants someone to point out every sin they can see? who wants someone to poke around and judge and laugh at or ridicule? who really wants to be so intimate with someone else that the other person can see all of those things...?

talk about letting your guard down.

true community.
noone wants it.
we all need it.

add a thought?
yeah i dont want it. -_-
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