stars and boulevards

I spent most of Friday afternoon/night before dinner (mmm... Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant) chasing my five year old and nine year old cousins, and ten year old little brother around my uncle's house in Toronto, playing Big Trouble, Easy Bake Oven, Ten Minute Abs (okay so they wanted to do it.. they found it in my Aunt's room -_-), Monopoly, and other various games. While we were playing Monopoly, Andrew got a Get Out of Jail Free card. I mean.. they're just kids... so they were joking about it and making fun of Angie when she did get into jail, then got frustrated (like most five year olds would in her position) and went to go play with her Easy Bake Oven.

Today, I saw the same Get Out of Jail Free card plastered on the hallway of my dorm. Except this time, it's not a game -- it's a policy that my school has, that if you're intoxicated beyond reason and you're about to pass out/die, but you're scared of getting in trouble for underage drinking, you can call this number and get medical help without going to jail.

Real world, huh.

I also watched the Breakup tonight -- it was supposed to be a romantic comedy, I think, but I thought it was just really... sad =/ The plot's the basic relationship breaker -- the girl puts a lot of effort, the guy takes her for granted, she blows up at him, etc etc. And the whole time, they just can't tell each other how they really feel... the guy won't affirm the girl because of his pride, and the girl won't tell him how she really feels because she thinks he should know.

Oh this world... One relationship after another...

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