.. so when do you cross the line into disobeying parents because God's will clashes?

I turned my inner city missions app on Sunday. On Monday morning I got a personal email from the director of the national program saying that they got my application and references and everything looks good. They want me to come out to the site in either Chicago or New York, so I can shadow some of the staff there for a couple of days and get a feel for what kind of missions work they do on a daily basis.

... and man, I was ridiculously excited when I found out. I ended up leaping across Ho Plaza into Keith passing out quarter cards for his frat, ranting on and on about inner city missions, and being all grinny and silly during lunch w/krzt while planning sg filming. The site director from Chicago emailed me back later and said I could come in during spring break for a few days and work at one of the sites.

..... then I called my mom and told her, letting her know I might have to come back during spring break. And although she wasn't ecstatic about the idea when I told her earlier in the semester, she was okay with it.... until she realized that her daughter might actually be giving up that Boeing internship to work with spaceships and rockets to spend a summer in the slummy neighborhoods of Chicago playing with poor kids.

she wasn't very happy.

I just finished reading a chapter in Invitation to Lead about when to disobey parents when God's will for our future clearly clashes.... i dunno. I just never thought I'd have to be one of those families...


gaaahiwannadoinnercitymissionsbutihopeimnotjustbeingselfishandrash.. andmaybeishouldjustobeymyparentsbutithinkmyheartwillliterallyacheallsummerifidont...

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