Ten hours and counting for linear algebra.

One of my small group members told me yesterday over lunch that she really enjoys my small group because she's never before been in a small group where we focused so much on scripture and what God's Word says about things (read: she's a senior). It was quite surprising to me, 'cause... well, I guess I thought it was kind of, duh to focus on the bible during bible studies.

I love small group leading -- I'm thinking about leading again next semester. I love walking alongside people but I think I hate people. Does that make sense?

Last night while looking through notes and waiting for krzt to come down for our dinner date <3,>?" 'Cause seriously. These things are going to not just fade, but rot and smell and consume in the not so good way. How many of us, myself, whore after our studies and school and ivy league prestige?

.... I have so much more to say about this, but I think fear prevents me from letting the demanding, idealistic extremist side of me out.


Tomorrow, I'm going to Binghamton for an urban planning trip. I'll post pictures and stories later.

add a thought?
i hate people in general.
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