growing old

"it's a little surreal with you being back... part of me feels like it's summer again." -- j.

i definitely feel you there -- i think part of me would think that it'd be summer again. hanging out in naperville til the wee hours of the morning, random visits to the city after large group, loitering in mcdonalds parking lots until people would honk at us.

but it's not, is it? we're all growing old now, doing our own thang, at our own schools. it's odd seeing people you've grown up with, served together with for so long move on to leading small groups, worship, serving on exec, (dating o_O) on their own campuses. i guess it's sad in a way, knowing i probably won't be here next summer for 724... but in a way it's release for me too. helps to know that we're all moving on, moving forward, chugging forward...

i was watching coach carter with my mom tonight, (before she fell asleep hah hah..) and for some reason, there was this scene where the coach asks the team to look at their own lives. and their parents' lives. and asked them if they wanted better than that. and that really reminded me of the one night in the bronx where we spent the night in the homeless shelter @ st. georges, only to tutor and play with kids the next morning. in the back of my mind, these thoughts of, "how many of these kids will end up in that homeless shelter one day..."

we really are all wired for different things. sometimes you just miss when you were all on one circuit board...

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