//so i hear it's october first...

anyway, the other day i was seeking refuge in big red barn from the rain (trying to study for linear algebra prelim, but to no avail ._.) while i realized that every thursday is international coffee hour. it's an afternoon where all the international students can come and socialize, drink free coffee, eat free food, and just be, away from all their studies and whatnot.

so while drinking my free coffee and eating my free food and doing practice prelims, these two chinese grad students asked (in mandarin) if they could sit with me. i said yes, and we started chatting a bit. then one of them asked (once again in mandarin),

"so did you fly directly from china here to go to school?"

which at this point, i simply laughed and explained that i was from chicago.

but times like that, (including last night with my roommate and i watched Jet Li's Fearless) when i'm particularly blessed that God made me the ethnicity and culture i am.

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