content much?

note: none of these are condemnations -- most are random thoughts, most of which i've done before too.


Why is it okay to invite that friend to fellowship next week 'cause that's a better time for him/her to come? (how many next weeks will there be?)
Why is it okay to cheat off of homework so readily at a school we're paying basically $1,000 per credit for?
Why is it okay for people to be so darn indecisive?
Why is it okay for so called "godly" men so have it all together spiritually, mentally, physically... but oh right, add girls to the picture and their emotional states are toxic dumps. (Think the air above North Korea right now... actually this is something that personally really ticks me off. I mean the "godly man" facade. But nuclear war would tick me off too...)
Why is it okay for people to just up and leave churches, communities, because of a falling out with an (in)significant other?


So there's this line from Love is the Reversal from Starfield's newest Cd... and for some reason, I always thought this was one of those upbeat, happy songs. Then this morning I listened more closely... and --

Welcome to the world wide train wreck...

Hahahaha -- in the ironic way. Do you ever see just so much wreckage around you (both physically and in other arenas) that you start laughing?

Yeah, nothing is as good as it should be, 'cause this is the rehearsal
Yeah, in between the was and the could be, love is the reversal

add a thought?
yes. i laugh lots.
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