swiss rolls

and then your vision shifts a little. and you see... just how sinful sin really is.

finding rest in swiss rolls...

i dont think i've ever realized how scary it is to get to know someone new until this year. so many ghosts in my own closet -- so many to find out. what is your past? why did you come to this school, this place, this church? are you normally a sketchy person? what kind of coffee do you drink? what's playing on your ipod? what do you read before you go to bed?

... (and quite possibly the most important question of all),

can you handle the demons i carry?

... (i think i'm so so careful now. i guess i have you to thank for that.)

// this is what tomorrow looks like --
7:30 - 9:00 -- CU on the quad -- (cornell's SYATP) // AH i slept through my two alarm clocks :(
10:10-11:00 -- 217 // class...
11:15-12:05 -- urban planning midterm // i liked :)
12:10-1:10 -- 294 // i remember eating lunch during class...
1:30-4:30 -- 264 lab // so long. ran til 5:30 ><
4:30-5:30 -- prayer mtg // skipped b/c of aforementioned lab

7:30-10:00 -- small group // :)
10:15 -- til done -- progress report writeup w/group. //eh...

and now, i'm home. to study lin. alg. boo.

add a thought?

oh by the way, someone graffitied "SIR X" on a cargo train.
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