there are those moments.
you know,
the ones that surpass time, space, .. reality, really.

i miss driving now that i'm land-locked on campus. those late nights, driving back from a friend's house, starbucks, church, anywhere but home. anywhere without a destination. nights just to drive.

and those were the moments. the humming of the engine below your comfortably worn leather seat. your open toes pressing against the acceleration pedal. the cool night breeze floating through the crevice in the window. and michelangelo serenading the mellow playlist.

i'm not sure how many hours i've wound up driving home like that. the same roads. naper to 63. 63 to cass. cass to 59. 59 to wilmette. repeat night after night. but it was so comfortable. the night roads were so comfortable.

there are those moments....
you know,..
do you know where they've gone?


and we wait above a road.
we're turning to go home.
and the silence from the side of the car
tells me everything and how we are.
'cause there's no more trying to make this so right,
there's no more trying tonight.

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