one sheet of paper

... determines whether or not some people are employed or not this time next year.

Yep -- Career Day has rolled around, and it has changed the usual slightly frantic, crazed college student into the ridiculously frantic, crazed college student looking for prospective jobs. It's almost funny seeing college kids camping out in computer labs, perfecting their resumes, buying out the Cornell store for that University embossed folder and shiny pen, laying out the nice black pants and white collared shirts to impress recruiters from the bigshot companies (i.e. from IBM, Lockheed Martin, GE, the CIA, to places like Kraft foods, the Gap, and Bloomingdales).

But it's one sheet of paper. One. Where we cram all of our achievements and hide our blemishes and try to impress and lose... focus.

This whole night, I've been blargh and debating on whether or not to do the whole shenanigan and spiff up my resume and all this stuff.

... and no, I won't.

I'm sick of this status quo stuff. I'm tired of us in September, (read: summer has barely finished, and we're looking for internships for the next) trying to get these people to like us based off of one piece of paper.

I asked my friend on Monday if she thought I was cut out to be an engineer. She told me she doesn't think I'm only going to be an engineer, and I know that too. And that's why I'm doing things like taking urban planning.

Part of me feels like.. what if I'm just going through a phase, and I'll regret not doing this later....
But part of me is like... what if I'm just not strong enough in my conviction to do something apart from the status quo?

add a thought?
the CIA & the GAP. hm.
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