off brand

i'm always gonna worry about the things that could make us cold...

in my city and regional planning class, we've been dissecting the city in terms of social, economical, and political construct. so, in the first weeks of class, we've been talking about race and socioeconomic classes and what it means to be racist and what social constructs exist in the city and the meaning of the ghetto and inequity of schools and all this stuff..

.. but something feels off.
sitting in a nice architecture building in the arts quad of an ivy league. picking apart the inner city by what we label as race and economic class.


i wonder how many of us have ever experienced it. been in a latino neighborhood where people breathe out slurs if you're not from the area. sat blankly, not knowing what to say when an eight year old child talks about what it means not to have a dad anymore. stare at the faces of children who still associate race with the colors in their crayola -- no, off-brand -- crayon boxes.

it's off because we, i, have no idea what we're talking about unless we've experienced it.

"cornell is a ticket to the upper middle class," says my crp prof.
what are we going to do with that?

add a thought?
we're learning that in my soc class too. and about like concentric circles or something..i forget bc i was tired. anyway. i think even though im at uic, i dont really go into the city and im still pretty sheltered.
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