something's happening on campus.
something's stirring.
we're not settling for the sunday school faith anymore. digging deeper into what being a follower of christ really means. we're pushing, and stretching, and..

well. newton's laws of motion, right? with every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
and i'm already feeling the effects of it.

listening to lies that i spur on, that i'm captive to sin and there's no redemption for someone as dirty as me. feeling and seeing the consequences of sin as i snap at those around me and see the ugliness seep through my christianese exterior.

i often underestimate sin.
i often underestimate my God too.


serving at church this morning reminded me of how much love God has for his church, his people. and how when we are in the midst of pushing, of not settling or being comfortable w/the status quo, there are going to be things pushing back. lies, discouragements, arguments, things to deter us from seeking his kingdom.

i believed them.... sometimes i think i still do.
but it's in these moments of seemingly fleeting clarity. when He simply says, i love you. that it's enough.

// pressin' on.

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