i had this thought tonight, that i would be graduating from the #1 applied and engineering physics school in the united states with my master's degree with only one extra semester of schooling, possiblyto go into two years of teaching in the inner city. i'd be making less a year than how much i paid for cornell in a year. i'd go from doing mission reports and using lorentz transformations in electrodynamics to explaining how gravity worked to elementary school kids.

would it be worth it?
heck yeah.

i'm itching for the "real school year" to start.
and waiting for something to click and make sense.
and wanting to do something more real than what i'm doing now.
and thinking about going overseas next summer.
and wishing that i could have the best of both worlds, home and here.

some things i've been thinking/praying over -- how hard it is for those on missions this summer to come back to a cultural, materialistic, blech sort of campus // applying to teach in inner city nyc or philly next summer for 6 weeks // signing up for vset or something similar next summer // the small group i'm leading this semester on foundations, theologically conservatism and cultural liberalism // why mr. grudem has not come in the mail yet // et cetera...

i should get back to gauss jordan elimination...

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