lately, i've been chilling a lot at the danada starbucks during my lunch breaks -- reading, journalling, praying, etc. and i always wonder whether or not i should talk to the people sitting next to me. i mean, it's kind of obvious that i'm reading the bible, and i usually have a max lucado book or my wonderful eschatology book with me.

i had a dream last night that i didn't remember until i heard this one song on the radio. i felt like someone was showing me a video clip of what could've happened in a starbucks if i did talk to the guy next to me about a man named Jesus.

then the clip stopped. and someone asked me what i was afraid of.

then i woke up.

what are you afraid of?

anyway. it's the eighth month. and while we have things to look forward to, -- summer camp, last large group, a few more outings, etc.. -- i'm really, really looking forward to leaving this place (again) and having another Home to look forward to. i miss school. i miss getting bubbles! at 3:00 am and trying to trek home from the engineering library in the rain and korean bbq at brian's and falling asleep during einstein's relativity proofs then cramming for the psets the night before and drinking lots, and lots of sobe energies and coffee to stay awake but crashing around 3 am... sigh. i miss all of that. 'cause like what sarah posted on her xanga, maybe we prefer academic stress to emotional stress.

oh well. two more weeks, and i'm outta here.

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