crown of scars

forget about the fight to wear the crown of scars
cause you've already won
forget the pain and leave the tears behind you
bury underneath your feet the remains of what's been left behind
cause you have got a long
long way to run

but now you dance the rest of the way
and you don't look back
can you hear that angel singing as you rise
now you fly away and you don't look down now
and you laugh till you can't laugh any longer
as you watch your chains fall to the ground

// lifehouse, crown of scars.

so the bulk of school has already started. my mondays, wednesdays and fridays are packed with lectures and labs and meetings and things that make hiding under the covers very tempting. but tues and thurs mornings i have free (to be).

random thought -- i think i take community for granted sometimes. okay, a lot of the time. at least i have people to bicker with and make fun of and hug..

there's a lot to pray for.

add a thought?
is that a new lifehouse song?
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