one of the perks of driving around so much, (i.e. usually at least 2 hours a day) is exhausting the 13 gigs of music on michelangelo... -- until this morning, when i found him out of batteries 'cause i left him playing all night in the car (again). oops.

and since i was so fond of this song that was playing on the radio for the 1093th time, i rummaged around my car for a cd until i found a bright blue one hiding under my stack from last winter. it was a vicky beeching's yesterday, today and forever, a cd i hadn't bought or seen (though i have a guess as to how i got it... it's better left as a delightful suprise).

listening to the first song, (yesterday, today and forever) reminded me of onething. and God's love. and how He loves us, not our ministries. as i was telling a brother late last night about how lately i've just been so exhausted from running from work to accountability to small group to hangouts with high school friends to meetings to more meetings to large groups and ... o_O

He loves us. not our ministries. urgh =/

i think i'm holding out for more nights at the beach and just being or walking around riverwalk at midnight or sitting in the outfield of a baseball field or on the curb outside of a caribou coffee and just . . .

there were more of those moments last summer.

if (summer.2006 == just ministry) {
System.out.println("you're missing the point.")

// reminders of His relentless love for us are more than just a plastic yellow bracelet.

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