hahahaha. i live in awkward land. i have a tent with toilet paper and canned food in awkward land. hahahaha.

it's interesting -- last night at the cubs game, we were discussing whether or not we prefer to err on the side of aggressiveness or passivity. top of the 6th, 1st and 2nd, 2 outs and a. pujols up to bat. we walked him. now, pujols has been 0-3 so far this game. even though we caught the next guy's pop up, it made me think. so i asked the two girls on my right if they'd rather for a guy in a relationship to err on the side of being too aggressive or being too pansy, and we all agreed that we preferred them to err on being too aggressive.

then i remarked how i felt like the guys at ccmc often erred on the side of being too pansy. and a.shen just nodded =P


all this soteriology talk lately has been making my head spin o_O it's kind of funny, 'cause i feel like with the type of thinking that theory and physics and engineering impounds into our undergraduate brains, it'd be only logical to be applying that to.. well, my spiritual life and theology, right? :P i think it'd been something that's been itching away at me for a while, and comes out every once in a while with God's grace. but usually i shut it up with my (less than holy) desires to want to maintain peace and not to argue about theology. although, admist this week and in the future, i still maintain my, theology is important but we shouldn't get caught up soley in the intellectual.

i emailed my pastor to get his thoughts. i'm excited for his reply :D

mmm... yeeah. this past week has been so good and focused and just, freeing. i hope this carries through the rest of the summer and into the school year too. (i'm already getting a ton of peer advising emails o_O only three more weeks, man.)

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