a few nights ago, i had a dream of what felt like.. judgement day and rapture.

at first i saw everything from a bird's eye view -- hundreds of thousands of people gathered, streets empty, houses abandoned, and people were shivering in sacks and burlap rags and dirty and scared. some were hiding in subway stations, but most in the open, waiting, watching.

then there was this huge bus pulling up in front of me. and as the doors opened, i saw people from my past -- starting from those i've recently met at cornell this year -- my suitemates, classmates, friends, ... who all didn't know Jesus. the first girl who came out was the girl who shared my wall for the single -- she was holding a picture of her boyfriend, completely oblivious to what was going around her. i tried calling out to her, but it seemed like even when the presence of the Lord was so imminent... she held on to the things of this world. the next girl who stepped out was the girl who lived down the hall -- she too, was clutching on to photos of her family, her artwork...

i remember feeling so distraught as i realized that none of them truly knew Christ and His saving power. and... who's fault was that..? =/

it reminded me of a few months ago, when i dreamt about demons spiritually and physically attacking my freshman class at school.

i think i had another one last night too. but i don't remember it.

man... my dreams are definitely less frequent than in the past. but they're more real. and vivid. and scary. kind of makes me wonder what's to come...

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