what if

what if we were a ministry, a church, a fellowship that..
instead of being known as the church that gets into so-and-so drama...
instead of the yg whose leadership team is wholly messed up and performance driven...
instead of a worship time that's so cool with drums and electric and bass...
instead of being so engrossed into the next A or paycheck...
instead of knowing pop culture and sports cars better than knowing God's Word,

we were known as the church that prays. we were known as the ministry that, yeah, we're messed up.. broken, prone to wander, anger, frustrate... but God's got us. we were known as the church who might have all the instruments in the world, but that's not the point, it's who is worthy behind our worship that matters. that when people talk about our church, our yg, this ministry, they say... "wow, they're prayer warriors. wow, they're on fire for God. from the junior high, to the elders in the chinese ministry. they're a church who desperately seek God's presence in their lives."

this was something i kept thinking about as sam and i led the prayer time last night. and it was so good praying for and with the different classes we saw, and realizing how every age group really did have our own struggles and hardships that we're aching to escape from.

"what if we did this every week without prompts? what if people just say, hey let's go to the library on a thursday and check out books on poverty. what if we made this a month long thing and turn this into something of action?"

after the announcements, one of the kids on swavt approached me to talk about union station. we ended up talking for a really long time as he shared about misconceptions about evangelism and how if he could describe this yg with one word, it'd be sheltered.

and it's true. i was sheltered before college -- i still am to an awfully large extent. but i feel like this next week, this next month, is part of a process to rip those comforts off. and it'll be awkward, scary, frightening process where i'm sure a lot of us won't have any idea what God's doing.

but you know what? it'll be so deeply good. these are holy moments man. i'm excited =]

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