track seven

the heart breaking makes a sound i never knew could be
so beautiful and loud, fury filled and we collide

what does the sound of a heart breaking sound like?

since i've gotten home from school, one of the hardest things to witness is just how much.. is broken back home. it's so hard not to fall into times of despair and just... God, where do we go from here? i feel like these past few days have been filled with one heart breaking conversation after another about how relationships with other people are broken and seem hopeless, or how the current state about my home church's youth group seems hopeless, or how things in this world are just not the way they're supposed to be, and...

... sometimes i don't know what else to do but listen.
when they feel that despair, that brokenness, that helplessness... i feel like my heart's breaking alongside their's.

and if my heart aches this much, how much moreso does our Dad's?

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