Paul had three reasons for writing to Timothy at this time:
1. Paul was lonely...

hm. pg. 1882

i think tonight has made me realized just... how wholly not enough i am.

No matter what, I hope you guys know that you’re not alone. You have brothers and sisters who are here for you, who are praying for you, and who you can go to individually or as a group. But even if you were to strip everything and everyone away, the most important thing is that there’s still God. And He is more than enough. I think it’s something that we all know but to really believe it can be hard. Let’s continue to pray for each other. For the incoming freshmen, for our brothers and sisters in other fellowships, for our brother and sisters in our own, for our families, for the people of this world. Yea it’s overwhelming, but God’s got it under control. So pray with open ears and open hearts. I miss you guys. But I say/write it with a smile cause God is good. And He's with you guys. As always. =)


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