it feels good to be finally reading.

something i confessed to two brothers as we entered riverwalk for the first (but definitely not last) time this month: i'd feel a lot more comfortable sharing the gospel and talking to people in the inner city, in subways, in pastoral action centers in new york city than in the sunny, quaint downtown area of naperville. how odd. i'm scared of suburbia o_O

maybe it's the fact that we all hide our brokenness so well. it feels so contrived, so well put together, well polished and well sewn. somehow, the city feels more real to me. i need to learn how to love my surroundings better =/

but God is here too, in our comfortable potato of a world. our God is near, our God is here, salvation is here, here is our king. here here here. not there, not impending coming, not came. but here. in the right now.


11:15 pm edit: snidbits of a phone convo w/a brother --

"suburban evangelical projects is a whole another ballpark that needs to be analyzed.. they feel safe. if you tell them God's the only way to be safe, they're not gonna get it cause they're already comfortable. if you tell them they're sinners, they're say back, what are you talking about? we're not evil. telling them God is the only way to be secure is something completely foreign to them."

man... so true :/

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