a conversation from saturday night on the way from central campus back to my dorm after prayer tenting, past midnight, two hours after easter started.

"this is it, simeon."


"it's on. it's started. he's started."

".. who's he?"

"when Jesus rises on this day... Satan knows it's on. he knows that he's lost... that Jesus has conquered even death itself, and has come back to claim His loved ones."

".... wendy, are you okay?"

"but satan's not giving up that easily. he's desperate."


"and he's going to do whatever he can to get us away from that Truth."


"that's the question simeon. are we ready?"

// and then he thought i was crazy and asked to pray for/with me, haha. but yeah... for some reason, i remember that night. i remember the urgency i felt, the desperation, the spiritual tension. it feels muffled here for some reason.... but isn't that the question? even satan knows it's on. do we?

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