an email from e. --
have you heard about theearthquake in yogyakarta, indonesia? it's a few hours from where i was in the summer. i got really nervous because it's a place a lot of people visit and stuff...and interestingly the site of some of the largest buddhist and hindu temples in the world...


ps. does anyone have a copy of kingdom come by allen wakabayashi?

pps. something else i realized this morning as i'm typing away. right after i called james to wake him up for the college mtg this morning, two leaders from back home IMed me -- my sg leader, and my pt leader, asking how things were, joking around, etc. and even though i hadn't talked to them in weeks... i realized how open and honest i am with them about the here and now. i openly told my pt leader how i was upset and frustrated i was at the administration back home and how i'm kinda not knowing what to do about youth vs. college and such. then my pt leader, knowing how excited i was when i shared about all this stuff during our mtgs, told me he knew me and knew i could do it, and said that we both know it's worth it.. i believed him, 'cause these are the people who have seen struggle and frustrate and extended truckloads of grace these past few months. i don't know if i know how to relate to anyone here about that anymore...

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