where the heart is

".. so i just realized that i didn't know how to get to the airport.."
"whaa? just pop in the kepano green cd! 294 to the airport... "

*three hours later*

"ooh you flew in from syracuse? for some reason i was looking up flights from boston.."
"... cornell's not near boston dude"
"yeah yeah i know, that kepano green song threw me off... weekend in boston *shakes head*"

you know, after being gone for a school year, some things really don't change. and i'm glad :)

two days filled with moving, 10+ boxes at kang's, korean bbq, hopped on a flight and i'm finally.... home.

sometimes i don't know what to call home anymore. when i'm at cornell, that's home -- that's where Family is, where i see God working, where the people i'm closest to are there to support, encourage, ding!, whatnot. but when i'm here... home's here. home's in westmont, illinois, at kuh kuh mm kuh where i've stumbled through my faith for the first four years of my christian walk. being back here makes me feel... displaced.

but hopefully it's all part of an adjusting period. i'm very, very excited about this summer and more doing and less of this talking business. one thing i think God's really shown me this year is... how meaningless our faith can be, is if it's just left to talk. we can talk about outreach, about putting more emphasis on prayer and inreach, about how campus needs God at cornell. we can talk about how ccmc girls really need dtr's and a workshop on that sort of stuff and just a bigger glimpse of who God is.... but what is it really without the prayer and action behind it?

... *waits for awkward adjusting period to be over*

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