songs on repeat these few weeks --

we always rewind the best part -- this day & age
on your porch -- the format
boston -- augustana
the symphony of blase -- anberlin
i hear the bells -- mike doughty
get you in -- better than ezra
soco amaretto lime -- brand new
slideshow -- this day & age
the day we started -- this day & age
lullaby -- creed
marching bands -- death cab
for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti -- sufjan stevens (this song was in the invisible children video.)

do you ever feel like you get to a point in your life where the things around you -- world events, the seemingly hopelessness of the injustice around you, the microscopic in your own life with cs projects, psets, mini-olympics, slope day -- and thousands more that splatter the canvas of our lives... that they're almost too much?

and after coming home from working on cs again in carpenter, crashing, and effectively missing the coah meeting... i feel like i'm almost in a daze. when the things of this world are too much and i'm finally.. surrendering....

add a thought?
i really love we always rewind the best part by this day & age
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