little things

thoughts that tend to surface at 3:00 am --

i miss bacci's pizza. i want to go sometime this summer.

i also miss wanting to go to caribou at 10:30... then loitering til 11 and realizing its closed, and going to denny's or dunkin.

java. the coffee > the coding.

my mom just told me that neither she nor my dad can pick me up from the airport when i get back home.

... i miss home =/

i spent 10 out of the last 30 hours working on our cs/mini-OR project. it's still not done.

happy birthday, mom :)

memorial day weekend will be my first retreat as a ccmc college kid.

i have an interview with houghton mifflin. i have no idea what i'd be doing, and i think i'm grossly underqualified as an engineer, seeing they're seeking an upperclassmen with this type of experience... but hey, it's like what you said, right? we'll be in engineering jobs all our lives. why not have some fun.

i dont think it's sunken in yet that you're all graduating.

i've slept through and skipped more classes these past two weeks than any other week this year. thus... i am tired and worn out .-.

and now.... i will forgo relativistic mechanics and get some sleep. goodnight.

God's still really.. really good :) praising Him under open, blue, grey, and blustery skies.

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