haha, so

one of the first signs that retreat was a time of change --

even though i came back missing the lake and its peace, was feeling kinda antisocial online. then bam, three of the yg girls IM me with things they've been feeling, struggling through/with, etc. and even though these are things i've experienced before and relate with... for some reason hearing it from them made me really giddy.

of course, i didn't laugh as they poured their hearts out since i figured that'd be a tad insensitive, but it honestly did excite me. why? maybe because it's showing me more and more just how weak we are in our brokenness... and since retreat, it's reminding me more and more of just how big and strong our God is in response to that.


oh yeah -- books i need to finish this summer. and not just, oh i should... like, oh, i've been starting and not finishing books for over a year now and it's starting to get sad =[

1. what's so amazing about grace by yancy. it's staring at me with the bright yellow sticky note of where i left off. i'm on page 35. *sigh*
2. captivating by the eldredges. i kinda don't have the momentum to finish this book right now, (pg. 117, halfway?) but i feel like i should. and the bookmark's from ronnie and spencer's wedding reception.. aww
3. next door savior by m.lucado. i'm so close to finishing this book, (pg. 159!) so i should this summer.. right?
4. blue like jazz by d.miller. um, so i gave my copy to my suitemate before i finished it... haha, can i borrow it from someone? *grins* i think i only have the last chapter or two left..
5. every woman's battle by ethridge. blue post-it on Red Light level of Emotional Connection, pg. 94
6. the ragamuffin gospel by manning. because the gospel is not a fancy church with tall steeples and perfect people.

and a couple of classics i never had the time to finish -- picture of dorian gray, crime and punishment, 1984... all books i own yet don't read.

make sure i read these books!

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