a convo w/an alum earlier this week, on the topic of books.

weendyful: i like books
h a n s t e r: you should finish the ones you start!
weendyful: ahhh
weendyful: there are so many
h a n s t e r: there's a really good one i've been meaning to finish
h a n s t e r: maybe you've heard of it
h a n s t e r: the bible? by God?
weendyful: THE BIBLE?

and today's bible quiz during mini-o's, when we were asked questions like --
- list the ten commandments in order
- name all 12 disciples
- name the 11 brothers of joseph
- what was esther's cousin's name

i realized that.... i don't know the Word that well :/ (got the order of the middle four commandments mixed up & forgot one, forgot about the second judas & andrew, missed a whole lot of joseph's brothers, maybe 4 or 5? heh, but knew mordecai..)

i need to be more disciplined.

anyway. after coming home from mini-o's, taking a loong hot shower and napping til 9ish, i watched chronicles of narnia for the first time. and i think one of the subtle things i loved so much in that movie was that just by being there, the winter was fading. as they went on their journey to find aslyn, the snow was melting, flowers blooming. they didn't have to defeat the white witch for the winter to fade.

we fight this battle from victory, not to it. so as we walk with Christ... more and more we see the coldness, the injustice, the brokenness around us being warmed, healed, redeemed. it's a process that is constantly continual, when we're living in the kingdom of God yet still waiting for it. it's that delicious dicotomy that makes my head boggle with technicalities when really it's as simple as that...

Christ has won.

pressin' on =]

add a thought?

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