would you?

over it -- rufio

"are you going to go to the global night commute?"

"i'm not sure.... will you go if it's just you?"

".... yeah. yeah, i will."


tomorrow night, i, along with (hopefully) members of my fellowship will be participating in the global night commute to hopefully urge our government to urge the ugandan government to do something about the invisible children in uganda.

and it doesn't even make sense -- i have maybe four hours free this weekend, and i'm spending the night in the park in 30 degree weather thinking i'll make a difference halfway across the world.

but maybe that's why i feel so compelled to do it. 'cause i know i am just me, and this is me doing what i can. for the first few days after the screening of invisible children, i'd see their faces before i fall asleep. i'd wonder what it'd be like to walk every night to escape capture -- me, who complains about walking 1.25 miles from the engineering quad compared to kids who walk 1.25 hours every night (not to mention every morning.)

why do i take such things for granted? :/ sometimes it feels like it's not enough...

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