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i'm realizing that i don't like the suburban life. it's like what you said, realizing that we are privileged and not knowing how to deal with it.

last night at algae, we watched crash. and a resounding... 7 people stayed. why? i guess 'cause others thought it was more important to drink bubble tea (holds two fingers up!) than explore the issues of God's injustice.

... okay i might be exaggerating a bit, haha.

but yeah.. i dunno. when i was in hs and even college, until nycup, i never wanted to explore God's injustice. not that i said no to it, but just... didn't further my knowledge on it. i lived in a comfortable, predominantly white, rich suburb of illinois. and i had it comfortable.

last night, one scene in crash is when the father finds his daughter under the bed, hiding because she heard a gunshot.

.. that girl looked so much like samantha from lpac.

sigh.. i've been praying so hard for those lpac kids.. but sometimes i wonder if that's not enough. i feel like i need to be doing something more tangible, more real, more.... not stuck in this white bubble =/

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