i wish we could open our eyes

... to see in all directions at the same time..
oh what a beautiful view..

so this past week, (when things have been more low-key in terms of psets and projects), i've been spending more time on the keys.

now, for someone who hasn't played regularly oh in, a good seven years? it took a bit of time getting used to the black and whites. i kept clanging on the wrong keys on the simplest of songs, getting majors and minors mixed up, not being able to pick out chords from songs i've been guitaring to for years.

but somewhere, between the low rise stairs and the laundry room, reminds me of why i love music so much. why i feel so at home just listening to praise team practice, or hearing someone play praise songs in sage chapel. pianos, guitars, (..drums? o_O) draw us nearer to the melody that plays in our Dad's hearts. and when we play it.. when we let the notes and His presence take over... we're truly in the presence of our King. :)

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