freshman praise

was not mistake-free
or exactly smoothly run

but it was from God. and it was a huuuge blessing :)

the chaos actually reminded me of a certain night when certain youth group leaders were on sabbath but forgot to mention it to certain members of servant team... so we ran around trying to find keys, do announcements, etc. etc..... but in a comical way

*as i'm assembling my toms*
".. wendy, where are your cymbals?"

from the beginning when i realized my drums didn't have cymbals... heh [thanks j. for walking all the way from c-town to get me cymbals and fix my toms lol] to ordering waaaay too much food, the delay on the electric not working for some of the songs, not being able to hear w/o moniters, and messing up during some of the songs while b. kept beat with me in the audience :P

to the final set. i got really nervous in the beginning of the first set, and thus started to play really fast to Filled with Your Glory.... but at the end, when i felt like God reminded me that i play for an audience of ONE. not for the praise team, not for myself, not even for the fellowship... if it's not for Him first.

'cause we ARE His beloved... amen?

i'd be lying if i said nothing was wrong with our fellowship. people are petty, sinful, academic-driven, not good at welcoming, loving, keeping accountable, encouraging... but we're people. we mess up. that's why there's His grace... because we wouldn't even be able to praise Him without it.

and for a moment last night... all of those faded away. and it was just us... as messed up as we were... in the presence of our King.

thanks gcf.
thanks freshmen
thanks Dad :)

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