you can't love God

without loving His people.
and you know what? a big chunk of His people are in the inner city.

so many of us just don't get it.
i wish our eyes were open more =[

i've only been here for a few hours, but already i want to go back to the city, to the bronx, to lpac. where i find more hope and more God than i do here. in the dining hall even, i was so overwhelmed by all the food choices that i just got a sandwich.... someone to my left was complaining about how there was nothing in the hall, in one of the halls ranked top 5 in the nation?

why don't we see? why don't we care?

i don't know how you guys do it :/

add a thought?
:) agreed. i'm glad you had a great experience and i know it'll continue for you. keep praying big prayers :).
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